Here at In Flight Productions we specialize in creating digital media content that captures your audience, sells your brand, and shares your message in an impactful way. Whether you are trying to kick start your new start up or simply expanding your media presence we are here to help walk you through the process every step of the way. From concept designs to officially launching your ad campaign we are excited to be a part of your production. 

Why Video Production?


Video production is an excellent way to get your marketing ideas and brand effectively into the world without spending all of your money and time. Using state of the art High-Definition cameras that integrate easily into complex computer video editing systems, the time to produce a video and your message from start to finish has been cut from several months to just a few weeks. This enables companies to deploy a campaign across various outlets at previously unobtainable speeds. As the first business out there with your message, you will have a distinct advantage.


Meet The Owner

Brandon Whitely

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Having years of experience working hands on with all sorts of different companies and brands from ice cream to cage fighting Brandon has diversified himself in the industry and continues to build positive relationships with clients. 

Brandon is a one stop shop for your entire production process, from filming on set to cutting footage to even helping you develop your message he will get it done. This makes it easier for clients by cutting out the middle man. With businesses continuously returning to work again, its safe to say Brandon prioritizes client satisfaction above all.   

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